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Hair Braiding USA is a community of Natural Hair Care Salon, Hair Braiding, Hair Weaving, Hair Styling, Hair Dresser, etc... If you have a website or not, you could:
be listed for free,
have a community page along with your existing website,
combine our WebSalon into your website & our community page.

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Fee Always Free Always Free Year Free
Support N/A by Whatsapp Included
Coupons Manager N/A yes Yes
No of Coupons 0 2 9
Paypal Pay no yes yes
CashApp Pay no yes yes
Booking no yes yes
Gallery Manager no yes yes
Instagram add-ons no no yes
Whatsapp & SMS no yes yes
Ads Supported no Ads Supported no
Control Panel no yes yes
Day Off/No booking day N/A yes yes
Renewal 0 Stay Free!!! After 1 Year,
    or Pay $65/Y  You Pay
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$254 Per Year
  Booking default is $5 Non-Refundable - If you have your Paypal account, you could take control of it to increase the minimum deposit.

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Selected Sample Members

Member No1: ($65/Year)

Nonye Hair Braiding

1921 Cedar Bend Dr Ste 160B
Austin, TX 78758
(512) 909-4777

Website: NonyeHairBraiding.Com (external)



Member No2: ($0/Year)

Bindu African Hair Heaven

15860 W Seven Mile Rd
Detroit MI 48235
(313) 838-3177

Website: No



Member No3: ($254/Year)

Juste African Hair Braiding

3200 Crain High Way, Suite 206 A
Waldorf MD 20603
(443) 453-8047

Website: Combined



Member No4: ($254/Year)

Kadi Professional Hair Braiding

3167 East Main St
Columbus OH 43213
(614) 236-5441

Website: Combined


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